18 December 2018

Major announcement at DACT treasury fair

Written by

Stijn Rook

Photography by

The 2018 DACT treasury fair in Noorderwijkerhout, The Netherlands was packed with workshops and presentations of keynote speakers that work in treasury. On behalf of Rabobank we were invited to attend the fair and engage with many treasurers and CFOs. This presented us with opportunity to reveal one of our biggest ambitions for the coming year.

Multi-bank in 2019

We are delighted to announce that we are currently developing an TreasurUp multi-bank platform, set to be released in 2019. Many large companies asked us to build a platform that allows them to receive quotes from multiple liquidity providers, brought together in one single, fully automated hedging platform. So we listened.

If you’re working on treasury and can’t wait to share your ideas with us around multi-bank, please don’t hesitate to subscribe via the link below. We will regularly post updates to subscribers and invite those who are interested to share their ideas. We will also give away early access to the first 50 companies that sign up for our multi-bank platform.   

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