21 October 2019

Learnings from the treasury conference

Written by

Niels van Daatselaar

Photography by
Niels van Daatselaar

This year's Eurofinance conference in Copenhagen was less about the latest trends in technology, like the previous years. It seemed like AI, Blockchain and crypto have moved past the hype.

In 2019 bankers and treasurers of large corporates are discussing new equilibriums. The market for (online)treasury seems to move towards connectivity, value added treasury, reports and analytics and cash optimisation. In this new world banks and fintechs have learned to collaborate more on a strategic level instead of seeing each other as competitors. In this way, an ecosystem of connected partners will provide corporates with a large world of products and services that otherwise could not have been offered independently.

On the payments side, payment service providers are getting bigger and aggregators are tying them together. Liquidity management nowadays seems to be sourced by banks ànd PSPs. Setting up a global cash pool in a proper way can avoid sweeping cash from one bank to the other. Less operational handlings, more insights and real-time are the new norm.

These developments are relevant for smaller companies as they normally filter down after a few years. That’s why TreasurUp needs to know about them.

For small and medium sized corporates the main question for the next years will be: ‘to TMS or not to TMS’. How to professionalise and make the treasury department – if it exists – strategically relevant for the company. For this visibility on cash and risks is vital. Excel keeps dominating but light TMS and tools like Power BI are slowly making their appearance.

What will smaller corporates get from their banks and which services from fintechs or big tech firms? Banks can remain very relevant to these companies by providing relevant solutions: both insights and execution. The new banks that we got to know Eurofinance acknowledged that approach and showed the openness towards partnerships with ventures like TreasurUp.

TreasurUp is moving towards liquidity management now and further expanding FX. If you want to find out more, please don’t hesitate to leave your details down below.