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The world of treasury is constantly evolving and we like to keep you informed. On this page you can read about our latest news, forthcoming events and industry trends. You will also find Aite Group's white paper down below.

29 November 2021

TreasurUp is proud sponsor of the FinTech Connect 2021 event

We are honoured to announce that we are a proud sponsor of the FinTech Connect 2021 event that will take place this week on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd of December.

15 September 2021

Two maturity curves worth following

Two maturity curves worth following: Open Banking and ERP integration.

9 September 2021

TreasurUp will be at Money20/20

We are really excited and looking forward to meeting existing bank partners, new banks and interesting FinTech companies at Money20/20 in Amsterdam from 21-23 September.

16 July 2021

Banks and FinTechs: Having lunch together

"Eat or be eaten", "FinTechs are eating the bank's lunch", "FinTech will eventually eat the banks". Just some headlines from respectable news sources when searching for "FinTechs winning revenue from banks": the eating analogy.

18 May 2021

Rabobank and OFX invest in spin-off venture: TreasurUp

Rabobank's TreasurUp venture will spin-off through a series A funding round together with Australian listed cross border payments specialist OFX whilst Rabobank will remain as shareholder.

30 March 2021

German bank LBBW announces cooperation with TreasurUp for online FX hedging services

German bank LBBW announces cooperation with TreasurUp for online FX hedging services.

25 February 2021

TreasurUp introduces a revolutionary feature to support treasurers and controllers

TreasurUp introduces a groundbreaking feature that seems so logical to have in a bank’s FX platform.

29 January 2021

TreasurUp wins World's Best New Treasury Technology award 2021

TreasurUp has been awarded The World’s Best New Treasury Technology 2021 by Global Finance.

31 December 2020

In 2020 TreasurUp implemented a Design System. What did we learn?

When we learned about the concept of a design system from our friends at Ergomania, there were three reasons why we decided to embrace it.

24 December 2020

TreasurUp wishes you a Merry Christmas and a healthy 2021

We like to share a few highlights of 2020.

14 December 2020

Professional treasurers are joining TreasurUp

Consultative sales play a key role in this proposition and that's why TreasurUp is hiring Treasury talent to assure the banks clients keep rating us 9 out of 10.

2 July 2020

TreasurUp partners with Nordea

Nordea to use TreasurUp services in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

8 June 2020

TreasurUp at RBI's Innovation Breakfast

On Thursday the 4th of June, TreasurUp had the pleasure to participate in Raiffeisen Bank International's Innovation Breakfast.

27 May 2020

Why our Treasury Management System is perfect for medium-sized companies

We are partnering with banks to build a cloud-based TMS fit for medium-sized companies. Our light TMS can be implemented within your company in hours and will cost you only a very small fraction of the normal price.

20 May 2020

TreasurUp selected for the prestigious Société Générale Global Markets Incubator Program

TreasurUp will be 1 of the 6 companies taking part in the 2020 Société Générale Global Markets Incubator Program.

6 May 2020

TreasurUp much more than a new treasury and FX hedging platform

"TreasurUp is a classic example of how clear thinking about corporate treasury from the corporate’s point of view brings new efficiencies and much more effective treasury. The framework for future development looks promising."

9 April 2020

My conference speech, from home...

What to do if you cannot attend any conference or foreign bank? TreasurUp's update on online foreign exchange hedging and TMS research amongst >100 small- and medium sized corporates. Offered as a speech, from home..

3 December 2019

Press release: TreasurUp partners with KBC

TreasurUp has signed a contract with the Belgian KBC Group. TreasurUp offers a white-label treasury platform. KBC is the third major bank to work with TreasurUp, following successful partnerships with Rabobank and the Finnish OP Financial Group.

20 November 2019

TreasurUp COO discusses innovation and new features

On Thursday 14 November, TreasurUp’s COO Arjan de Bruijn delivered a keynote address to a group of 35 treasurers of various Dutch corporates at the DACT treasury conference. Here’s what he had to say:

21 October 2019

Learnings from the treasury conference

This year's Eurofinance conference in Copenhagen was less about the latest trends in technology, like the previous years. It seemed like AI, Blockchain and crypto have moved past the hype.

18 October 2019

How TreasurUp validates with corporates

In October, we tested our new feature validation method for the very first time during a corporate client event at our office. Here is what we learned from this experiment.

25 June 2019

How Open Banking will change client interaction

This week Niels van Daatselaar, CEO of TreasurUp, shared his vision on Open Banking and client interaction.

26 February 2019

We just launched a mobile FX hedging app. Here's why.

TreasurUp is one of the first fintech companies that introduces mobile to the world of hedging.

18 December 2018

Major announcement

The 2018 DACT treasury fair was a great opportunity to unveil our biggest plan for 2019.

26 September 2018

Our take-aways from the Eurofinance conference in Geneva

Together with 900 treasures from large corporates as well as all major banks, we attended Eurofinance in Geneva.

20 September 2018

The cooperation between fintech and banks

How banks and fintech increasingly find each other in search of a better client experience (Dutch).

11 September 2018

Australia client visits

TreasurUp visited 15 clients in Australia to learn how they work.

3 July 2018

FX risk is priority for 70% of CFOs and treasurers

Overall, the report found that the treasurer, CFO and CEO are working more closely together.

26 June 2018

Rabobank start-up TreasurUp signs contract with Finnish bank

Rabobank will also make the currency platform itself available to a large proportion of its corporate clients.

29 May 2018

The 24/7 Treasury

How the acceleration of payments will affect business/treasury management.

8 June 2018

Treasurers flirt with fintech but place trust in banks

In a risky economic environment, partner banks still represent reliability and stability.

26 May 2016

Banks losing FX market share to non-bank liquidity providers

The results show a declining combined FX market share for the top five banks.


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Aite white paper

In this white paper, Aite Group explains how the task to remove the inevitable errors and inefficient manual operations can be done without recurring to sophisticated FX hedging treasury suites.