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Security at TreasurUp


At TreasurUp we take security extremely seriously. By developing “secure by design” products, continuous security checks, safe data storage, employee screenings and compliance with available regulations we ensure the safety, stability and reliability of our platform.

Secure by design

At TreasurUp security is embedded in product development from early architectural decisions. By following “secure by design” principles, with multiple layers of security checks from early development stages, we ensure that our products are safe and bugs free.

Defence in depth

At TreasurUp we believe that there is no single security measure that is bulletproof. Therefore we structured our company security architecture in multiple layers aimed at maximising the security posture and protecting customer data and assets.

Data protection

We put a lot of effort into identifying and classifying the data that needs to be protected. At TreasurUp all customer data is encrypted at rest (using the latest encryption protocols) and in transit.

Risk management

We know that in the cyber security space there are always new and innovative challenges. Therefore we developed a robust risk management framework that allows us to identify, assess and respond to the latest information security risks.

Business continuity

Continuity of business and reliability of our platforms are key to our success. At TreasurUp we ensure redundancy from the early architectural decisions. This is also periodically checked through business continuity tests to ensure that we can overcome disasters and continue to deliver good services to our customers.

Security certifications

At TreasurUp we believe that having an independent party certifying about the good state of security is the best way to build trust and show where we stand. Therefore we engaged DigiTrust as an independent auditor and we obtained the ISO 27001 certification. Moving further, we have the ambition to develop further and obtain the SOC2 certification.

Protecting you

As you can see at TreasurUp we take all the required measures to protect you and your data. We remain committed to researching, developing and adapting security measures in line with the latest developments. Are there things that you can do to enhance your protection even more?

Sure, these are:

  • Keep your passwords and security details safe, so no one else can access your online accounts;
  • Download security updates and use anti-virus software to protect against attacks from new viruses;
  • Do not reply or engage with unexpected emails or from unknown sources;
  • Avoid using unsecured Wi-Fi networks for secure transactions, like banking or online shopping;
  • When using social media, adjust privacy settings to control what you share. Be careful how much personal information you post or reveal.