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Outperform your competition with a new way of hedging.


Over the years, you have developed a good feeling for the expected cash flow at your company, but due to the uncertainty of your sales you are not able to hedge your orders or invoices one-to-one. We’ve thought of something for that: you take positions based on
your expected cash flows and adjust these when needed.

Always up-to-date

When you company makes use of Business Intelligence software to monitor your sales, you expect your forex platform to adjust accordingly. With TreasurUp, you can easily adjust your cash flow projection. TreasurUp then calculates which foreign exchange transactions are necessary for you to reach your target and sets these up for you to review.

Staircase hedging

We understand that it is typically easier to predict cash flows over the coming month than six months from now. With a few simple settings in TreasurUp, you can set up a hedging policy. Here you can indicate for each period what percentage of the expected cash flow you wish to hedge.