26 February 2019

We just launched a mobile FX hedging app. Here's why.

Written by

Eward Bartlema

Photography by
Eward Bartlema

We are very proud to announce that we just launched a completely new mobile FX hedging app. This makes us one of the first fintech companies that introduces mobile to the world of hedging. Here’s why we created it. 

Why mobile?

After visiting more than 250 clients, we discovered that many of them, especially CFOs, would like to hedge when they are out of the office. We believe that companies should always be in control of their foreign currency risks, even without the comfort of an office desktop.

Why is it unique?

We are one of the first fintech companies that offers a mobile FX hedging platform. It is a unique proposition that combines the user-friendliness that many retail apps have with the sophistication of a corporate trading platform.

What does it offer to clients?

TreasurUp mobile is not just a copy of our web application. Instead, we offer a number of features specifically made for mobile: 

  • Hedge everywhere. 
  • Check the latest foreign currency rates and historic charts. 
  • Receive quick insights in upcoming settlements and recent trading activity. 
  • Setup and receive currency alerts.
  • Login smoothly via Touch ID or passcodes.
  • Send & approve trades with a four-eyes principle (coming soon).
  • All seamlessly integrated with the web application: trading activity is presented in both platforms. 

How do I sign up?

We can’t wait to show you how it works. If you are interested to use TreasurUp mobile in your company, or if you are a bank and want to find out how you can introduce TreasurUp as a white label platform in your market, please don’t hesitate to sign up via the link below:

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