28 September 2020

Working as a Product Manager @ TreasurUp

Written by

Jan-Willem Attevelt

Photography by
Jan-Willem Attevelt

Jan-Willem has been working as a Product Manager for TreasurUp since early 2019. In this article he shares his experience, the parts of the job he likes the most and the differences between working for TreasurUp versus a large corporate.

What brought you to TreasurUp?

I started my career at Rabobank and then moved to work in corporate treasury at VolkerWessels, one of the largest construction groups in the Netherlands. In my six years at VolkerWessels I not only learned a lot about corporate treasury, but also developed my skills to automate processes and implement new technologies. I left VolkerWessels because I felt the urge to be more at the forefront of innovation and build new things. Therefore, I did not have to think twice to join TreasurUp in their exciting journey to build a new online treasury platform.

What do you like most about working at TreasurUp and what does your working day look like?

The best thing about working at TreasurUp is that you can have a really diverse job in which there is plenty of room for new initiatives.

Here are the regular things I am doing at TreasurUp:

  1. Talking to users and potential users.
    User feedback is essential in improving our product. Before we introduce big new features, we talk to (potential) company users a lot to hear what they think about our ideas and roadmap. Fun fact: we recently held a very successful presentation of our platform to a large group of companies, completely in German (thank you to my past self for paying attention during German classes in high school)!
  2. Designing new modules & features
    I closely work together with our designers, but also upgraded my own designing and prototyping skills. This allows me to prototype new modules and features really fast, which is very useful in the fast-paced environment we are operating in. Some of the modules I am working on include Liquidity Management, Cash Flow Forecasting, FX Options, Limit Orders, Changing Settlements, Auto Hedging, Reporting, Trade Planner and Commodity Hedging. We are working very hard to go-live with most of them in the next 12 months!
  3. Pitching our product offering to banks across the world
    In the last couple of months we spoke with many different banks in South America, North America, Europe and Oceania. Many of these banks are very open to innovate and also see the benefits of partnering with a fintech like TreasurUp.
  4. Continuously improving our offering
    Together with the team I have worked on creating an ambitious roadmap for our web and mobile platform. I closely collaborate with our highly skilled development team to make our product better with each monthly release.
  5. Introducing new technologies in our software
    We are betting big on API connectivity (PSD2 and other) for connecting with bank accounts. We are also researching Machine Learning techniques to automatically classify transaction data and predict future cash flows. It’s exciting to discover which possibilities these technologies have to offer for the corporate treasurer.

How do you experience working at TreasurUp during Covid-19 times?

Of course I miss the daily face-to-face contact with my colleagues in Utrecht and the travelling to banks and companies.

The good thing is that there seems to be no shortage in demand for our product as appetite for digital financial services seems to be accelerating.