Corporates want their banks to TreasurUp.

We have the solution, white labeled.


Our clients

Rethink online Treasury.

We are Marien, Arjan, Niels and Stijn. We have been building trading platforms and consulting corporate clients on forex for years. These corporates told us that most platforms are difficult to use. In combination with the complexity of their day-to-day business and the foreign exchange products, they find that hedging is not such an easy task. It became clear that a completely new approach was needed. Our solution: TreasurUp, automated currency hedging, designed together with corporates.

After winning Rabobank’s prestigious innovation award, TreasurUp went live early 2016. It has become the main foreign exchange platform of Rabobank Group, offering its corporate clients a competitive edge with fast, accurate and professional hedging. Now, we invite other banks to join us in changing the world of hedging.

Banks & forex

Banks find it hard to compete on forex.

Low client-focus

We found that many banks buy or build platforms without extensively involving their clients. The result: a costly platform that only slightly improves certain financial services.

Low margins

With brokers, multi-bank platforms and fintech firms rapidly gaining market share, overall margins are shrinking.

High platform costs

Building a stand-alone platform can be expensive and time-consuming. Internal IT departments may not be cost-efficient enough to outperform the competition.

Our approach

The TreasurUp approach.

We’ve built and bought software before. We’ve experienced the tough RFP processes, lengthy contracts, endless legal negotiations, technical jargon that ignores the end user. With TreasurUp, we want to get rid of all that.

There are many FX trading companies out there, and plenty of IT specialists. The combination, however, is rare. TreasurUp offers the best of both worlds: we speak your language and understand your clients’ needs, so we can build superior client functionalities much faster than our competitors.

Tailored to your market.

TreasurUp is more than just a trading solution for your corporate clients. We aim to find out what you want to achieve in your market and how your clients work, and set our efforts accordingly.

Forex and IT expertise combined.

Achieve an excellent client rating and outperform the competition by working with the very best. At TreasurUp, we know everything there is to know about FX and we work with the latest IT developments.

Winning teams.

We believe in continuous learning at TreasurUp and in our partnerships with banks. We strive to create an environment where feedback is common practice. Only then can we reach great new heights together.

Fast implementation.

We learn from each new implementation, making the next one even faster. Besides that, we use common interfaces and proven working practices. Most implementations can be done in just a few months.

Treasurers in the lead.

Treasurers will notice that TreasurUp is designed together with their colleagues. Your client requirements can be translated into new functionalities every two weeks.

What you get

The TreasurUp result:

A competitive platform.

TreasurUp gives you and your clients a competitive edge. With the power and ease of automated hedging, we allow corporate clients to hedge fast and professionalize instantly without compromising on user-friendliness.
TreasurUp can fully replace your single bank solution. We offer common manual trade functionalities as well as auto-hedging modules.

100% white label.

We understand the need to communicate with your clients in your own language and brand. TreasurUp is a fully white label platform, making it a recognizable solution for your corporate clients.

No surprises, no lock-ins.

At TreasurUp, we believe in building trust for fair and lasting partnerships. That’s why we’re committed to making you feel comfortable with our product, our services and our pricing.


TreasurUp is an execution-only platform that operates in accordance with the MiFID II, PRIIPs and EMIR regulations. We abstain from making any recommendation to buy, sell, subscribe,

exchange, redeem, hold or underwrite the financial instruments that are traded via our platform. We work together closely with our partners to tailor TreasurUp to meet the specific requirements of local regulation.

Beyond fx

Beyond FX.

Treasurers do not regard foreign exchange hedging as a stand-alone activity, but as an integral part of a company’s liquidity and working capital management. With TreasurUp, we aim to focus not only on forex, but also on payments, asset-based finance and trade solutions.

In our work with corporate clients over the years, we found that these areas still involve far too many manual steps and elaborate Excel sheets. Operational and repetitive work that can be made much smarter. In order to get there, we want to further develop TreasurUp together with banking partners, specifically for their local markets.

How it works

We'd love to demonstrate it to you.

Have we sparked your interest? Then we’d like to meet with you and give you a demonstration of TreasurUp. Usually, heads of FX sales, FX platforms and corporate banking join the first session. We’l explain our concept and how we work. In follow-up sessions, we can further elaborate on topics such as regulations, IT architecture and distribution.