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Have you ever wondered if bankers have what it takes to run a successful corporate startup? Well, now you know! The TreasurUp team – with its origins in the banking world – has been building trading platforms and consulting corporate clients on forex for years. Since we founded TreasurUp in 2016, the startup mentality has become part of our DNA. We have become more productive, more customer-oriented and better equipped than ever to take on the challenges that lay ahead. Our mission is to reshape the world of hedging, and these are the people that are making that happen:

Niels van Daatselaar


Together with Marien, I have built the existing FX platform for Rabobank many years ago. In 2015 we won an innovation campaign and started TreasurUp. TreasurUp is completely different. We are building it for and with corporate treasurers and CFO's. That way of working has inspired me as it delivers a lot of happy users. I enjoy establishing partnerships with banks around the world with whom we can share and further develop TreasurUp.

Marien van Baren


I have a passion for new technology and innovation. For me, developing the TreasurUp application is really an exciting journey, where extreme customer focus, leading technology and great teamwork come together.

Stijn Rook


After a few years as entrepreneur, I returned to ​my position as Forex Advisor. Nothing had changed: clients still traded by phone or old-school platforms. It was time for change. So together we built TreasurUp. Now, I love keeping our corporate users happy.

Arjan de Bruijn


I am responsible for successfully implementing TreasurUp within banks. My goal is to develop a robust set of solutions together with our banking partners. Solutions that corporates will enjoy using.

Eward Bartlema

Growth hacker, UX designer

I joined the team in 2017. As a growth hacker, I crunch data to support TreasurUp growth and user interface. ‘Less is more’ is the principle I follow. My goal is to simplify currency hedging by creating a seamless user-experience.

Leoni Moolhuijsen

Product Analyst

My TreasurUp journey has only just begun​ and​ I’m already very excited about the product, its potential and the team. As Product Analyst, I define requirements, test new releases and develop the product to be as good as it possibly can be.

Jan-Willem Attevelt

Product Analyst

Early 2019 I got the opportunity to join the TreasurUp team. Before that, I worked in treasury at a large corporate for six years, where I was responsible for several treasury technology projects. My goals as a Product Analyst is to co-create amazing treasury solutions that offer value to both companies and banks.

July 2019
TreasurUp welcomes its 1500th corporate
January 2019
TreasurUp mobile live
December 2018
First user foreign bank on TreasurUp
June 2018
First foreign bank starts using TreasurUp
May 2018
Rabobank fully deploys TreasurUp.
February 2018
First trades executed in forecast module.
November 2017
Forecast module goes live.
January 2017
First trades executed in 1-to-1 module
December 2016
Version 1.0 released.
July 2016
TreasurUp officially launched.


TreasurUp was developed with extensive client feedback. As a result, it has undergone quite a transformation since its early stages in 2015. What began as an idea to introduce peer-to-peer hedging is on the verge of becoming an integral solution for liquidity and working capital management. Over the past years, we have crossed several milestones that we believe are worth sharing.