Cash Visibility & Target Balancing

Most treasury journeys start with insights into current cash positions.

Cash visibility provides your business clients with real-time, multi bank, multi currency and multi entity account balance and transaction information. It uses your cash management premium API, PSD2 / Open Banking APIs or MT940 to gather the data.

Challenges for many companies

Limited insights on current cash positions, per bank, per entity and per currency

Difficult to identify the main cash flow drivers (sources of significant cash flow in/out)

Difficult to manage optimal balances across multiple currency accounts

What would happen with the cash positions if a certain currency fluctuation would occur?

Manual collation of account balance data in Excel

Managing target balances in a structured way

What if your bank could offer

A clear dashboard

A clear dashboard with all the company's current account balances per currency

Open Banking

Real time account balance and transaction information from accounts held at other banks (Open Banking)

Different aggregation views

Different aggregation views with consolidated or entity specific balances

Scenario planning

Scenario planning: impact on cash balances based on current volatility or different currency fluctuation scenarios

Underlying transaction information

Underlying transaction information per cash flow driver anduto-categorization of transactions

Automatic target balancing

Automatic target balancing per account based on predefined settings

Value to your bank

Complete cash insights

Business clients that prefer your bank's portal as it provides them with complete cash insights.

More accurate credit decisioning

More accurate credit decisioning from improved client liquidity management

Increase of FX and Deposit flow

Increase of FX and Deposit flow enabled by integrated journeys (e.g. FX, Cross Currency Target Balancing, Excess Liquidity modules)

Accompanying Modules

The following related modules will enhance your company user's experience of Cash Visibility & Target Balancing

Foreign Exchange

Cash Flow Forecasting

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