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Mission: Make online Commercial Banking more competitive.

We inspire, interact and innovate with banks all over the world.

TreasurUp is a Dutch FinTech company that provides banks around the world with managed online front-end solutions for their business clients across Risk Management (FX and Trade Credit Insurance), Liquidity Management (Cash Visibility & Target Balancing, Cash Flow Forecasting, Excess Liquidity and Cross-Border Payments) and Finance (Inventory Finance). We believe banks have growth upside potential in Commercial Banking: offering business clients a continuously innovating online experience through Web, Mobile and APIs, professionalizing them through online journeys that are designed by corporate treasurers and through cross-journeys that reflect business lines of a bank working together for the benefit of the client.

TreasurUp employs a unique mix of specialists in the areas of Commercial Banking, corporate treasury and IT engineering. With these experts we can


Design the ultimate corporate treasury experiences for companies ranging from the smallest SMBs to a few hundred million annual turnover (EUR/USD).



Build it, tailor it to the bank and implement and integrate it into a bank's existing portal successfully.



Make sure the bank is compliant while ensuring the bank is compliant with internal policies and regional regulations.


TreasurUp strengthens online Commercial Banking capability.

TreasurUp's goal is to have our bank clients stand out in their markets through innovative solutions that have a far better fit with the way their business clients work or should work if they want to professionalize. TreasurUp truly believes in a bank & fintech partnership model and is proud to have clients like Nordea, Rabobank, KBC, OP bank, SEB, Handelsbanken, OLB, Sparkasse and LBBW.

Our journey

TreasurUp was founded by Niels, Marien, and Arjan. In 2016 they were one of three winning teams in a Moonshot innovation campaign at Rabobank with their innovative idea of making FX trading easy, fast, and simple. The founders conducted extensive interviews and validations with hundreds of companies. Their research led them to a striking conclusion: there was a significant gap between what companies aimed to achieve in their finance or treasury departments and what banks were offering. Determined to bridge this gap, TreasurUp was born and ready to grow.

Our bank clients

We are really proud to have longstanding partnerships with these banks and we keep on innovating with them.

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Awards & Certificates

2024Top Innovations in Finance: Cash Management/Treasury Solutions
Best Excess Liquidity Solutions in Commercial Banking
2024Silver Medal Sustainability Rating
Global. Trusted. Actionable.
2023Best Digital Solution Provider in Banking Tech
Foreign Exchange Front-Ends for Commercial Banks
2023Top Innovations in Trade Finance
Trade Credit Insurance in Online Commercial Banking
2023Silver Medal Sustainability Rating
Global. Trusted. Actionable.
2022Outstanding Innovation in Treasury
Cash Visibility Solution to Business Clients of Banks
2021Treasury & Cash Management Providers
Best New Treasury Technology

We've been honoured to be recognized year after year for our innovation efforts.


TreasurUp loves to work with specialized partners.



Salt Edge is a leading financial API platform with PSD2 and open banking solutions for every business. TreasurUp offers the Salt Edge Open Banking account balance data in its Cash Visibility module to banks.


In this partnership, TCT manages an insurance integration platform through which banks manage the Trade Credit Insurance of their SMB end-users purchased through insurers.


Codat's universal API connects fintech providers & financial institutions to all the major accounting, banking, eCommerce and payments platforms their customers use with a single integration.


Movitz Payments is a Fintech company that specialises in pre- and post-payment services designed to help banks streamline and enhance their cross border payment offerings.


Ponto is the missing link between financial services, software developers and end users.Our mission is to invisibly transform how users interact with their financial information.


FinVentory is a Dutch FinTech company specialized in ERP integration and digitizing inventory finance processes for banks and their clients.




Our team of experts in banking and corporate treasury is committed to delivering excellence to our bank clients.


As a fast growing company we are are continuously looking for new talent and seasoned professionals to add to our team.


Keep up-to-date with the latest insights and trends in online commercial banking, treasury, technology and of course the TreasurUp team!

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