Foreign Exchange

FX hedging is an activity considered distant from the core business of most company clients of banks, and therefore a difficult thing to do right.

FX Hedging enables progression from growing from easy-to-understand basic FX trading via Web and Mobile to fully automated FX hedging with a hedge policy.

Challenges for many companies

They regard FX hedging as complex with mainly downsiderisk

Hedging processes are often time consuming, error-prone with lot of steps in Excel and email

Lack of a clearly defined hedging policy and audit process

Management tends to have limited involvement in the process, only stepping in when things go awry or issues arise

What if your bank could offer

An intuitive front-end

An intuitive front-end that simplifies FX trading processes, such as changing the settlement date of an existing trade

Web and Mobile trading

Web and Mobile trading - Anywhere, anytime

Auto-hedging modules

Auto-hedging modules that apply a preset hedging policy

Excel uploads and ERP connectivity

Excel uploads and ERP connectivity for AP/AR and orders

Value to your bank

Increasing FX volumes

Increasing FX volumes through easier to use hedging workflows that are aligned with the needs of clients.

Professionalizing your business clients

Professionalizing your business clients through strict workflow processes and a hedge policy

Reducing FX trade corrections

Reducing FX trade corrections as a result of fewer mistakes made by business clients

Satisfied clients

Satisfied clients (ranked >8.5/10 by a few thousand business users)

Accompanying Modules

The following related modules will enhance your company user's experience of FX

Cross Border Payments

Cash Flow Forecasting

Trade Credit Insurance

Cash Visibility & Target Balancing

Excess Liquidity

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