Cash Flow Forecasting

For many companies, accurate cash flow forecasting is the next step in professionalization of treasury management.

Cash flow forecasting enables a controlled process of collecting and aggregating forecasts from various entities in multiple currencies.

Challenges for many companies

Lacking insights in current and future liquidity

Finding it difficult to draft a proper cash flow forecast or do not see the need yet

No frequent updates in your forecast(s)

Cumbersome manual process of collecting future cash flow information from multiple systems, multiple people, multiple entities in multiple currencies

What if your bank could offer

Efficient and controlled forecasting processes

Cash flow forecasting functionalities and workflow that help companies with efficient and controlled forecasting processes

Automated data upload

Automated data upload from ERP & accounting platforms

Clear distinction in data sources

Clear distinction in data sources: automated data feeds versus manual adjustments and enrichments

Automated consolidation

Automated consolidation of multiple entity forecasts

Automatically hedge

Automatically hedge all foreign currency forecasts according to a user-defined hedging policy

Value to your bank

Increase sales

Increase sales and margins of risk management and cash management products.

Improve a client's financial performance

The optimization algorithm presents product solutions which can improve a client's financial performance.

More accurate and improved credit ratings

Enhanced Liquidity management leads to more accurate and improved credit ratings

Effective risk management

Effective risk management of your business clients through automated foreign currency forecast hedging

Drives dialogue

Drives dialogue between clients, relationship managers and product teams

Business clients prefer your bank

Business clients prefer your bank as it offers free/low cost TMS (Treasury Management System) functionalities

Recognitions & Partnerships


Salt Edge is a leading financial API platform with PSD2 and open banking solutions for every business.


Codat allows for seamless, reliable and broad integration with the most common used cloud-based bookkeeping platforms globally.

Accompanying Modules

The following related modules will enhance your company user's experience of Cash Flow Forecasting

Foreign Exchange

Excess Liquidity

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