TreasurUp loves to work with specialized partners.

How we select our partners

The companies that we partner with are carefully selected based on their potential to greatly enhance TreasurUp Commercial Banking offering through

New product areas

Technological capabilities

Team spirit


TreasurUp loves to work with specialized partners.
Codat allows for seamless, reliable and broad integration with the most common used cloud-based bookkeeping platforms globally.

Codat’s universal API connects fintech providers & financial institutions to all the major accounting, banking, eCommerce and payments platforms their customers use with a single integration. This helps banks more quickly and efficiently launch new SMB propositions, from business dashboards to bill payment features and digital onboarding journeys.
Finventory is a Dutch FinTech company specialized in ERP integration and digitizing inventory finance processes for banks and their clients. All relevant inventory asset data are extracted in a fully automatic way from a borrower’s ERP system or 3rd party WMS system. Borrowing bases are automatically calculated, risk factors and covenants are automatically monitored and alerts are automatically raised.

TreasurUp truly believes this automated way of managing inventory finance programs between banks and their business clients is the way to go and can offer the Finventory solution white labeled and integrated into a bank's existing online offering.
Movitz is a FinTech company specialized in pre- and post-payment services designed to help banks streamline and enhance their cross border payments offering.

Movitz Pre-Payment services include a variety of market intelligence, product rules and validations, that can be used either in a payment initiation, beneficiary registration or separate validation screen. Movitz Post-Payment services allow the end-user to track and trace payments, return payments or request more information. TreasurUp offers the Movitz cross-border payments services as part of its cross border payments and FX modules and can integrate these into a bank's existing Commercial Banking offering.
Salt Edge is a leading financial API platform with PSD2 and open banking solutions for every business.The company has two main vectors of activity: enabling third parties to get access to bank channels via a unified gateway, and developing the technology necessary for banks, EMIs, and other institutions to become compliant with the open banking requirements in Europe and globally. Salt Edge is integrated with 5,000+ financial institutions in 50+ countries.

TreasurUp offers the Salt Edge Open Banking account balance data in its Cash Visibility module to banks.

The list of partners includes specialized companies that TreasurUp actively works together with and with which the cooperation and media exposure has been formalized. Depending on different requirements from banks around the world, TreasurUp can and will be offering solutions from more companies than the above list.

Strategic Partnerships: Stronger together.


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