Trade Credit Insurance

Most businesses can be challenged by the prospect of clients not paying what is owed. The trade credit insurance proposition offers dynamic credit insights and immediate policy generation in a bank's online Commercial Banking proposition.

Challenges for many companies

Limited visibility into a counterparty's credit quality

Bank finance can be constrained without appropriate trade credit insurance

Sub-optimal referral process between banks and insurers with separate onboarding on Insurer side and long waiting times for an insurance policy document

Inability to insure a single receivable or client ('buyer')

What if your bank could offer

Online trade credit insurance

Online trade credit insurance fully incorporated within online Commercial Banking proposition

Dynamic credit insights

Dynamic credit insights on your clients ('buyers')

Immediate policy generation

Immediate policy generation as well as subsequent trade credit insurance processes

Single invoice and buyer insurance

Single invoice and buyer insurance as well as total receivables portfolio insurance

Value to your bank

Better credit rating

Better insured clients have a better credit rating

Financing revenues increase

Financing revenues increase through higher loan-to-value rates

New top line revenues

New top line revenues with commission / referral fees

Professionalize your business clients

Professionalize your business clients through credit insights and automated workflow

Recognitions & Partnerships

2023 Innovators Award

Top Innovations in Trade Finance for Trade Credit Insurance in Online Commercial Banking

Accompanying Modules

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