We understand your bank is unique.

The history of the bank, its client base, the region(s) in which it operates, its ambitions and external stakeholders create the specific identity of the bank. TreasurUp has learned that one-size-fits-all does not work in global banking.


Innovating together

Our approach focuses on providing banks with online solutions that can generate more business and higher retention rates with business clients. For this, TreasurUp and the bank need to know very well how different people working for these company clients work and how the bank could offer the most competitive proposition.


Identify Opportunities


Joint prototyping (tailoring to your institution/market)




Project Scoping




Front Office & Technical Trainings


Setting up Data Analytics


Continuous improvements (change boards, support, maintenance, new releases)

Redesign existing bank products

TreasurUp has frequently been asked to redesign common bank products for their company clients. Examples are:

Excess Liquidity
Inventory Finance
Trade Credit Insurance
Cross-Border Payments


Our corporate treasury experts will first design the optimal journey for a business client of a bank (e.g. EUR/USD 1-500m turnover company) and the user being a treasurer, controller, administration assistant, CFO and owner.

This means identifying how a user would arrive at a decision to utilize a specific product from a bank. For example: what exposure is the company trying to hedge, when and how did the company identify the need for monetizing excess cash?

It also means offering the client potential alternative solutions within your bank.

Last but not least your bank could support reporting requirements that your business clients may have.

Does this inspire an ultimate solution approach already? Then please let us show you how this works in practice.

Staying at the forefront of innovation

Constant market screening

We screen the market constantly: what are banks around the world doing but moreover: how are products and platforms evolving and what's new in fintech? In every treasury area, whether it would be on the company or Commercial Banking side, there are refreshing game changers that we aim to speak and possibly partner up with. Our ambition is to keep inspiring our bank clients, always.

Efficient methodologies

We co-design with your bank and transform ideas into interactive demos, allowing your front-office team to visualize our concepts. We work together to tailor and refine these ideas, while leveraging reusable components to ensure efficient maintenance, support, and upgrades (which also can be offered to other banks). This approach ultimately results in sharper pricing for your bank.

Limited tailoring instead? Enjoy fast time-to-market.

Each TreasurUp has been extensively validated and can be implemented within a few months if limited tailoring is required.

TreasurUp's mature modules have been used by online Commercial Banking units as white label front-ends with thousands of business clients.


No surprises in project delivery and costs

TreasurUp has never exceeded the agreed timelines or budgets with bank implementations so far. It is very important to us show from the early start that a bank can trust us on what we promise.

Always scoring higher than 8.5

It is not just about the timelines and budget in a project. We firmly believe that the project should show that bank satisfaction is the most important performance indicator for us. That means TreasurUp will show your bank that integrity, reliability, user orientation, innovation and sound communication will be shown as of day 1. So far our bank clients have always rated the project implementations with at least a 8.5/10 rating.


What does this mean in practice:

Jointly defining scope, milestones, timelines, budget and governance

Having at least one update meeting per week with a project dashboard

Reviewing and adjusting where needed

Delivering earlier than scheduled if possible

Including the front-office for preparation and proper training upon rollout

Training & Measuring

In order to get most out of TreasurUp's online solution the implementation includes two types of training:

Technical training for the bank's technical staff

Main objective is to train the technical and admin users of the bank regarding client & user management, reading log files, authorization & role management, reporting and how to handle and process FAQ.

Commercial Training for Front Office

This training aims to support relationship managers, treasury specialists and transaction bankers to grow from a pure sales to a consultative sales approach.

Interested in how we can tailor our solutions to your banking needs?

Learn more about how we look and handle innovation, deliver on time projects and ensure the highest quality training, not only for your bank's front office people but also your business clients.

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