Cross-Border Payments

Cross border payments can be cumbersome to manage, with variable costs and a lack of transparency as to the precise status of funds in transit.

Our payments module supports an elegant workflow process for both single and batch payments. With extended functionality that enables clients to draw down from open FX Hedges, Payment Tracking and Beneficiary Validation.

Challenges for many companies

International Payments can be a pain point for companies who process a large number of transactions and are unfamiliar with the underlying FX and Settlement ecosystems.

Some legacy bank payment solutions involve manual paperwork or even a combination of platforms in order to execute an FX trade and instruct beneficiary details.

Difficult to trace the status of a payment and to see where funds are in real-time.

ERP/Bookkeeping connectivity not always regarded as an option or optimally configured

Lack of internal controls and oversight.

What if your bank could offer

Regional specific payment entry fields

Regional specific payment entry fields based on the currency/country destination


Pre-validations of name and related account number


Flexibility to choose to pay from open FX Hedge positions or to convert from another currency

Client-specific rates

Client-specific FX rates based on the set up in the FX module

Payment tracking

Payment tracking information based on all the network banks a payment may go through

Automatic batch payments

Automatic batch payments from Excel or an ERP connection including full workflow/approval support

Value to your bank

Huge cost reductions

Huge cost reductions due to the automation which decreases mistakes on the client side and all support efforts from the bank to help clients and correct errors

Improved client retention

Improved client retention through better FX rates. Clients with large international payments volumes may leave if a bank only offers standard foreign payments rates

Increased Wallet

Increased wallet from new and existing clients

Door-opening product

Door-opening product: an increase in Cross border payments based on a better offering allows the front office to easily connect and discuss growth opportunities with its clients

Recognitions & Partnerships


Movitz Payments is a FinTech company specialized in pre- and post-payment services designed to help banks streamline and enhance their cross border payments offering. TreasurUp offers the Movitz Payments services as part of our Cross Border Payments & Foreign Exchange modules. These can be integrated into a bank's existing Commercial Banking offering.

Accompanying Modules

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