Inventory Finance

Inventory assets offer an opportunity for allocation of credit

Inventory Finance offers fully automated inventory stock position management in relation to adjusted credit levels at the bank in order to extract the most value out of the asset base.

Challenges for many companies

Attracting sufficient working capital finance to achieve growth ambitions

Providing transparent regular reporting of inventory data to banks

Regard inventory just as receivables as collateral

Obtaining attractive finance rates

What if your bank could offer

A fully digital platform

A fully digital platform to report on and monitor your stock positions

A flexible credit solution

A flexible credit solution that tracks your funding requirements on a daily basis


A comprehensive platform that provides transparency to you and your bank, resulting in a better dialogue

Data driven, risk based credit management

Data driven, risk based credit management that may improve pricing or credit terms

Value to your bank

Competitive risk

Competitive risk based financing solutions

Deeper client relationships

Reduced credit loss

Reduced credit losses across the inventory lending portfolio

Faster turnaround in the pricing

Faster turnaround in the pricing and delivery of credit

Accompanying Modules

The following related modules will enhance your company user's experience of Inventory Finance

Cash Visibility & Target Balancing

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