2022: a noteworthy and memorable year

December 22, 2022

The year started with most people being in lockdowns. And then, suddenly in early spring, many countries lifted all restrictions and the world opened up again. What an energy explosion: people meeting each other again in the office and at conferences. Restaurants were full again, artists back on stage and stadiums filled with people.

But at the same time the world changed again and global tensions rose.

For TreasurUp, 2022 was a special year as well. Two of our banking clients decided to have TreasurUp as their sole FX front-end for SMBs as of 2023 and we welcomed two new banks as clients.

Next to that we launched our second white label module: Cash Visibility and Forecasting. With this, banks can provide their SMB clients with Open Banking based account balance insights and educate and support their clients with automated cash flow forecasting. We also grew the team with 10 people.

Now, in December we can conclude: business was good, bank clients are very satisfied and our people are rounding off the year healthy and happy. ‘Cherishing our treasures’; especially when the environment can be in such turmoil.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a healthy, happy, safe and inspiring 2023!