AI Hackathon to Improve Commercial Banking

December 12, 2023

We’ve just wrapped up an exciting 24-hour in-house hackathon to improve Commercial Banking with AI. 

Four teams, comprising a mix of our developers and product managers, dived deep into the world of AI to explore groundbreaking applications in Commercial Banking software. 

What did they achieve?

Anomaly Detection

One team harnessed the power of Isolation Forests and LSTM models to create an anomaly detection system. This tool delves into log files with accuracy, leading to better security and operational efficiency.

Test Automation 

Another team worked on automating test creation, leveraging an array of AI tools. This innovation has the potential to redefine our approach to quality assurance and enhance product reliability.

API Interaction AI Agent

A third team focused on creating an AI agent capable of interacting with APIs (based on their documentation), using Langchain. This innovation has the potential to streamline our integration processes with external systems (e.g., accounting systems), making our platform more interconnected and data-driven.

The Ultimate Chatbot

Lastly, there was the team that worked on an intelligent chatbot, built with Langchain, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), and a fine-tuned version of Llama 2. This chatbot is a portal to a vast TreasurUp-specific knowledge base, ready to tackle different user questions and support cases.

It’s amazing how 24 hours of hard work can translate into innovations that could eventually shape the future of TreasurUp and its offerings for the commercial banking sector.

Are you passionate about integrating AI with banking? Eager to explore its potential to enhance your online services? Let’s connect and exchange insights!