TreasurUp attends Finovate Europe 2024 in London

February 29, 2024

Finovate Europe 2024 provided comprehensive insights into digital transformation within financial services, featuring speakers from multiple banks and FinTech worldwide. 

The discussions covered fast-tracking innovation, adopting new technologies, and enhancing customer experience to drive revenue growth. Overall, the event offered a unique and high-quality platform for networking and gaining insights into the fintech revolution.

The key trend is that ‘AI is the new digital’ and new business models within financial services will be created.

Finovate Europe 2024: TreasurUp event showcasing advancements in commercial banking

Group of professionals engaged in discussions at Finovate Europe 2024, focusing on advancements in commercial banking solutions.Finovate Europe 2024: banking presentation at eventRemco presenting at the TreasurUp event during Innovate Europe 2024, focusing on commercial banking innovations.