How banks can increase their clients’ treasury knowledge

December 6, 2022

Banks should not only offer their SMB clients the software to professionalize their treasury management, but also educate them on how to use this software. This can create a win-win for both SMBs and banks.

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Value of software education

For banks, it is important that their clients are well informed about how to use the bank’s corporate portals and IT solutions. Getting the maximum benefit from the tools, portals, and software they offer leads to higher client satisfaction and retention. 

For companies, there are advantages to investing in learning how to properly use software. Gartner Research (The Justification of IT Training) found that every hour of effective training is on average worth 5 hours to a company. At TreasurUp, we also concluded that investing time in learning how to use software will pay off for companies. Automating (partially) treasury processes like FX hedging and cash flow forecasting should result in increased efficiency and a substantial decrease in errors.

Thus, it makes sense for both banks and companies to spend more time on software education. 

How-to: Treasury software education

When it comes to education on treasury software there is no silver bullet. After years of hands-on experience, we have learned that banks can benefit most from taking a hybrid approach when it comes to providing their clients with education on treasury software.

During the onboarding stage, both the bank and its clients can benefit from taking an hour to meet, explore and go through the possibilities and benefits of the software together. During such a session the bank should help the company set the configurations so that the software supports the company in their preferred way of working. In that way, the banks guide their clients in a step-by-step approach and build a solid relationship while also learning from their clients’ preferred methods and settings.

After onboarding, companies should be able to review all the functionalities of the software at their own pace. For a bank to allow their company clients to review these steps in the software, they should offer an online and intuitive environment dedicated to learning the treasury management functionality offered by the bank. 

Meeting with Treasury people discussing treasury education
Our solution: Learning Center 

Since learning is key in making our Commercial Banking solutions widely used within banks, we have spent a lot of time designing the ideal and effective solution for an integrated learning environment.

In this design process, we consider that we live in a world where learning increasingly takes place through videos. PEW Research Center, a think tank, found that 87% of users of YouTube, the world’s most-used video platform with over 2 billion users, say the site is important for helping them to figure out how to do (new) things. 

The Learning Center is an educational section that can be embedded in TreasurUp’s Commercial Banking solutions. It is designed by closely examining how users prefer to learn how to use software and it has the following features:

  • Multimedia. Each functionality has its own article which guides the user through the software with text, images and videos;
  • Content. White-labeled, pre-recorded videos are available to explain all treasury management functionality (e.g. how-to create a cash flow forecast, how-to connect your ERP, how-to setup an FX hedging policy) step-by-step;
  • Customizable. Banks can modify and customize the content using the built-in content management system (CMS);
  • Multilingual. AI-enabled real-people voices are available in 10+ languages to allow for the correct voice-over in every video;
  • Targeted. End-users will only be presented with educational content which is relevant to their company;
  • Analytics. The bank can analyze how the user engages with the educational content and measure change in user behavior;
  • Secure. All educational material is stored securely in a dedicated environment of the bank.

With the introduction of the Learning Center we keep on investing in education which allows banks to help their company clients professionalize their treasury processes. Please contact us if you want to learn more about our solutions in online Commercial Banking.

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About the TreasurUpdate author

Jan-Willem Attevelt is TreasurUp’s Innovation Manager with expertise in corporate treasury and product management. Within TreasurUp, he is working on offering companies and banks more value through developing new experiences, features and commercial banking solutions.

Jan Willem is TreasurUp innovation manager and author of the treasurupdate newsletter for online commercial banking


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