Inspiring Team Week

A few times a year all team members come over to the Netherlands to bond and elevate TreasurUp with innovative ideas and insightful workshops.

This year’s Team Week covered three days:

Day 1: People

How to remain super innovative as a scale-up knowing that the organization increasingly requires structure? This theme was supported by a great presentation from Jan-Willem van Beek and VIE People | B Corp Certified.

Day 2: Banks

All relationship managers shared their knowledge and experiences from the many banks TreasurUp has spoken to within almost every continent since the end of 2021. What do banks need and where are they moving towards per region and per segment.

Day 3: Product

The product managers and product delivery talents shared horizons 3, 2, and 1 innovative ideas, and these were complemented with discussions on how to technically and organizationally prepare for that.

One thing became very clear from the Team Week: TreasurUp is fully ready to impress banks all around the world with outstanding Commercial Banking solutions.  

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