LinkedIn Newsletter: TreasurUpdate for Banks

August 18, 2022

Last month we started with our ‘TreasurUpdate for Banks’, a monthly LinkedIn Newsletter with research on the latest trends in online Commercial Banking.

Besides providing online services to banks and their company clients, TreasurUp also aims to focus on sharing its knowledge, research, and ideas from talking to so many different banks around the world.

Banks that collaborate with TreasurUp can benefit from the TreasurUpdate with:
• Inspiration for new value-adding services for their SMB clients
• Developing business cases for innovations
• Getting a more global perspective next to the internal viewpoints on specific strategic topics

The TreasurUpdate newsletter will cover:
1. Trends in online Commercial Banking and the next-generation commercial banking portals
2. Effective approaches to servicing small and medium business clients effectively
3. Business line and module integrations
4. New technologies that are relevant for bankers to know about
5. Multi-channel approaches
6. Regulations
7. Front office developments

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