Multi-Channel Banking: Web, Mobile, API and People

TreasurUp firmly believes that the best Commercial Banking offerings are the ones that apply a true multi-channel approach. We support 4 channels:

Web environment (browser)

TreasurUp leverages the latest web technology to ensure compatibility with most commonly used web browsers, supporting the needs of treasurers, controllers, company owners, and CFOs who conduct most online business banking at work or at home.TreasurUp's modules can be seamlessly integrated into your bank's existing Commercial Banking portal.

Mobile app

For iOS and Android

Your bank's name, look & feel and branding

In your regional app stores (Apple Appstore and Google Playstore)

Services via mobile

There are many reasons to also offer certain services via mobile:

For CFO’S and Finance Managers

Proper management information (on liquidity positions, risk exposures, etc)

Approval workflows (being able to approve anywhere, anytime)

For treasurers, controllers, bookkeepers, payments processors, owners of small companies

For FX trading, anywhere, anytime

For receiving notifications that require actions (FX trade or payment settling, market rate movements, excess cash levels reached etc)

APIs: ERP Connection Center

If your bank offers sufficient value then your business clients will consider connecting their bookkeeping platforms. How? TreasurUp provides a white-labeled Connection Center, enabling your business clients to integrate any bookkeeping/ERP platform with the bank. These connections can facilitate and automate:

Some banks offer API stores for their business clients. TreasurUp can easily help with that.

Cash Visibility

Pre-populating AP/AR in Cash Flow Forecasting

Automated FX hedging

Cross-border payment initiations

Credit information on counterparties


The front-office plays a vital role in satisfying, professionalizing and retaining business clients. If the front-office understands and embraces the bank's (new) online solutions for company clients, they can:

Explain the bank's unique offering and its features

Educate clients on how to - for example - do proper cash flow forecasting or FX risk management

Consult with clients on fit-gap: the analysis of the difference between the client's current way of working and the potential new advanced and automated way

Validate and collect feedback for continuous innovation and improvements

Inform clients on new concepts and releases

Inspire clients with innovation, new concepts and ways of thinking



Codat's universal API connects fintech providers & financial institutions to all the major accounting, banking, eCommerce and payments platforms their customers use with a single integration.

What is Multi-Channel and how can it contribute to your bank’s competitive position?

Learn more about how we see a true Multi-Channel approach and how people play a pivotal role.

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