Celebrating Innovation: TreasurUp Wins Banking Tech Award for the Best Foreign Exchange (FX) Front Ends for Commercial Banks

December 4, 2023

At TreasurUp, we are proud and honored to announce our recent achievement: winning the esteemed Best Digital Solution Provider Award for TreasurUp’s Foreign Exchange (FX) Front Ends for Commercial Banks at the Banking Tech Awards 2023, hosted by Fintech Futures

This recognition marks a significant milestone in our journey, spotlighting our commitment to pioneering projects in the financial technology sector.

The Banking Tech Awards, an annual event acknowledging excellence and innovation in financial IT services globally, held its 2023 edition in London on November 30th. A panel of independent judges evaluated nominees based on creativity, impact, and the potential to revolutionize the financial services industry.

This prestigious accolade reinforces our dedication to innovation within the banking technology sphere. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the entire team at TreasurUp for their unwavering expertise and dedication in pushing the boundaries of excellence.

Empowering Banks through Cutting-Edge Modules

Since 2016, TreasurUp has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge Foreign Exchange (FX) front ends exclusively to commercial banks. Our team comprises banking, treasury, and technical experts, uniquely positioning us to deliver unparalleled value to banks and their business clients.

Our comprehensive suite of modules:

Risk Management

Liquidity Management


These modules seamlessly integrate into banking portals and various channels, bridging silos within banks that might not be immediately apparent to corporate clients.

Revolutionizing FX Operations: Delivering Value to Banks and Clients

The hallmark of our success lies in our FX module, currently operational in nine banks and catering to thousands of user companies. Continuously refined based on invaluable feedback from banks and clients, this module underscores our commitment to delivering robust, user-centric solutions.

We believe in simplifying treasury processes, streamlining FX operations, and enhancing the competitive edge of banks. Our platform’s intelligent design and user-centric approach cater to the diverse needs of corporate treasurers and finance managers. From basic trading journeys to advanced hedging methodologies, our platform optimizes efficiency and adds substantial value to our clients’ operations.

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Unveiling Unique Capabilities: Redefining Digital Delivery for Banks

TreasurUp’s FX solution isn’t just about technology; it’s about understanding the treasurer’s journey and seamlessly delivering it through innovative banking portals. Designed with modularity and adaptability in mind, our solution empowers banks to co-create their digital delivery systems, forging strategic partnerships rather than mere integrations.

We take pride in our technology’s prowess, emphasizing APIs and robust security measures to ensure a seamless integration experience for banks. The platform’s hosted nature and continual updates by TreasurUp alleviate the burden on a bank’s IT department, ensuring a smooth and secure operational environment.

Transform Your Banking Experience with TreasurUp

Our success story isn’t solely ours; it’s a testament to the collaborative efforts of everyone involved in the TreasurUp journey. To explore how TreasurUp can revolutionize your banking experience, we invite you to connect with us by filling out the contact form.