TreasurUp won Silver EcoVadis Medal

We are excited to announce that we received the Silver rating on sustainability by EcoVadis. This result places us among the top 25% of companies evaluated by EcoVadis. This blog post will share more about this award and how we prioritize sustainability and ethical practices in our work.

What is EcoVadis? 

EcoVadis is a leading environmental and sustainability rating platform that provides sustainability insights to help companies positively impact the world and society. Their thorough assessment evaluates a company’s actions and reporting in key areas like the environment, labor rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. By receiving the Silver EcoVadis Medal, TreasurUp has shown a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. 

TreasurUp’s  Commitment to Sustainability and Ethical Practices

At TreasurUp, we understand the value of sustainable and ethical practices. We believe that it is crucial for companies to prioritize sustainability and ethical practices to positively impact the world and society.

We have shown our dedication to sustainability by: 

  1. Making efforts to reduce our carbon footprint inside and outside the office.
  2. Offering a safe and respectful working environment for all people contributing to TreasurUp.
  3. Being very keen on sustainable business ethics in everything we do. 
Image of a silver medal with the words "EcoVadis" written at the top and "TreasurUp" at the bottom. The medal represents a sustainability award given by EcoVadis to TreasurUp.
Why do Sustainability and Ethical Practices Matter? 

Sustainability and ethical practices are essential for companies to positively impact the world and society. By prioritizing sustainability, companies can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change. Ethical practices ensure that companies treat their employees, customers, and suppliers fairly and respectfully.

In addition, companies that prioritize sustainability and ethical practices often have better reputations and are more attractive to investors and customers. By prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices, TreasurUp aims to build a better future for its bank clients, employees, and society.

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