Vibrant Innovation Week at TreasurUp

April 23, 2024

It’s always best to meet face-to-face, and what an incredible experience it was to reconnect with our IT and product development counterparts from across the globe right here in our vibrant Utrecht office! 

Our days were filled with excitement as we dove into workshops covering essential topics like Cash Flow Forecasting, Cross-Currency Target Balancing, and the latest priorities driving our current and forthcoming solutions.

But it wasn’t all business! Laughter, delicious meals, and even a spirited game of “jeu de boules” fostered teamwork and good vibes among us.

Let’s keep on innovating and reshaping online Commercial Banking! TreasurUp to the next stage of innovation.

TreasurUp team discussing fintech solutions during a meeting in Utrecht, Netherlands. TreasurUp team in Utrecht, Netherlands, brainstorming innovative ideas for fintech in commercial banking. Jan-Willem and Theo from TreasurUp enjoy a lighthearted moment during a meeting. A team from TreasurUp meets in the office in Utrecht, Netherlands. TreasurUp team gathers for lunch in their Utrecht, Netherlands office. The TreasurUp team engages in team-building activities through sports in Utrecht, Netherlands. TreasurUp team members in Utrecht, Netherlands, enjoying a sports session together.