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A step-by-step approach

Understanding your market.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Each bank in each region is different. Therefore we first need to learn from your front-office and if needed, your SMB clients.

Making a fit/gap

What does your market require and what does TreasurUp already have? This marks the contours of a project scoping. TreasurUp will initiate deep dive sessions on the following needs and requirements:

  • Business
  • Regulations
  • Core bank platforms (FX trading & pricing engine, cash management platform)
  • Portal integration.


For FX and Commodities: if a bank already has a trading platform, then TreasurUp will assess the impact of connecting to it. We have done so with many different trading platforms. For banks that want to move to online FX, we can introduce our trading & pricing platform partner. Then you are able to use and leverage on the best and latest technology for FX trading and its pricing.

For our cash visibility & forecasting solutions we will interface with cash management platforms (payments infrastructures) and/or Open Banking APIs.

Excellent Project Management

TreasurUp has never delivered its project too late or over budget. Ask our current banking partners what their experiences are and how satisfied they are. Detailed project outlines will be delivered based on the deep dive sessions.

Technical and commercial implementation

TreasurUp leads you through the testing and configuration phase. That goes without saying. More importantly: we train and support your front-office in order to get the most value out of the solutions. Furthermore we can help your bank sales people to move from sales to consultative sales.

In business

After go-live we will take care of the day-to-day maintenance and support based on international standards like ISO 27001, 27002 and ITIL.

Fast and reliable upgrades

Based on the scaled agile framework TreasurUp makes sure its ‘release train’ runs fast and remains stable and secure at the same. We also implement new features based on your feedback and suggestions and those of other banks as well.

Measure and improve

If needed, TreasurUp can help measure the usage and satisfaction of your SMB clients through our data analysts and provide you with valuable data insights and reports.

How our approach could benefit your bank

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