Upside for Commercial Banking:

Front office

  • Siloed offering per business line
  • Front office and online not integrated (no cross channel approach)
  • Sales instead of consultative sales
  • Execution instead of value add


SMB clients

  • Excel, excel, excel
  • Struggling to professionalize
  • Spending a lot of time on non-value add repetitive tasks
  • Open to suggestions from professionals on how to improve


IT Department

  • Trying to build a lot internally
  • Struggling to keep up with the market
  • Dependent on annual budget and input business lines
  • Not close to client side
  • High costs
  • Slow innovation

Reinventing online Commercial Banking together


By implementing new online modules that are built for and by corporate treasurers.

By leveraging TreasurUp's knowledge and experience with many banks around the world.

By bringing together business lines like Transaction Banking and Financial Markets and working holistically on a new online proposition.

By having TreasurUp's ex-corporate treasurers cooperating with your bank's front offices on what your offering should look like now and in the future.

By learning from your desired commercial output and jointly working towards achieving that.

By moving to managed cloud services for much faster innovation.

By being frontrunners in Open Banking and ERP integration.

By extensively measuring the use, satisfaction and feedback from your client base and improving the online proposition accordingly.

By really thinking into the future: API hubs, PSD2, AI forecasting, decentralized finance, (central bank) digital currencies, supply chain services.

Upside for SMB banking

Front office

  • Holding on to telephone trading
  • Not enough time for value add clients
  • Lot of manual processing work
  • No clear vision on online ambitions
  • Being confronted with new market entrants


SMB clients

  • Being used to calling the bank for small things
  • Struggling to professionalize
  • FX mainly seen as payments not as risk management
  • Hardly using any software for financial management


IT Department

  • Sometimes still using very old technology
  • Limited knowledge of business developments
  • Mainly looking at core platforms within the bank
  • Portal oriented, less on business functionalities
  • Limited budgets

The best way to get your online commercial banking proposition standing out.


By leveraging TreasurUp's knowledge from large and sophisticated banks around the world.

By using TreasurUp and its Pricing Platform partner to implement an FX price engine and web + mobile front-end.

By having TreasurUp's ex-corporate treasurers train and support your front office to make the transition from telephone-only towards online FX.

By learning from your clients how they perceive the transition to online and which items should be improved by your bank in cooperation with TreasurUp.

By having our Pricing Platform partner educating your Trading desk to move certain FX exposures of the bank to automated trading and lower your risk.

TreasurUp's offering with it's pricing platform partner

Web: trading of FX spots, forwards, swaps, NDF's, window forwards and limit orders.

Streaming client-specific rates on the screen of the client.

Mobile FX trading for clients that want to trade anywhere/anytime.

Automated limit checks.

Sales/dealer intervention.

Automated hedging of the bank's FX positions (back-to-back if needed).

Multi dealer platform readiness.

Suppose that your bank suddenly moves up to the top of online FX offerings in your regional market....

What would that bring?

Higher revenues as more clients trade more with you

Allowing your front office staff to have more time for value-add clients

Better risk management for the bank

Becoming the most competitive bank, instantly

Using state-of-art, cloud-based technology

TreasurUp's white labeled Web and Mobile solutions and its Pricing Platform partner (access to an FX Trading Engine).

White labeled

TreasurUp's default promises

The online managed solutions should be:

Always available (100% uptime).

Compliant with your regional or bank-specific regulations and procedures.

Continuously maintained and improved.

In your bank's look & feel; integrated with the commercial banking portal (SSO).

Cheaper and better than building it inhouse.