Food & Agri

For those who want to stop wasting time on Excel sheets, look no further.


Contractual trading and/or daily transactions are not uncommon in the food & agri sector. Hedging each order/invoice requires many separate processes, from bundling and/or netting transactions to rounding the amounts to even numbers. This means that the orders/invoices don’t exactly match the currency transactions. TreasurUp makes it possible to quickly and easily hedge each individual order or invoice so that hedging data can be traced back to individual orders or invoices.

Profitability per order

When margins are small, any unexpected and unfavourable currency fluctuations can be disastrous. So it’s important to accurately and efficiently hedge foreign currency risks. TreasurUp gives you insight into the profitability of each order.

Automatic adjustments

It can be a constant challenge to accurately predict the definitive price and delivery date of orders and invoices. TreasurUp can pick up on adjustments made in your accounting software, and can then automatically adjust the underlying currency transactions to
be executed.