Import & Export

Who would have thought that hedging could keep up with your business?


The import & export is often characterized by fast trade with (separate) orders that have narrow margins. In many cases, an estimated exchange rate is used, making it difficult to accurately hedge currency risk. TreasurUp makes it possible to hedge trades per
order/invoice and provides insight into the profitability of each order.

ERP connectivity

The speed of business makes import & export a very interesting sector for further automation of business processes. TreasurUp gives the option to transfer data from an order/invoice system directly into TreasurUp to then propose currency transactions where necessary.

Automatic adjustments

It is often challenging to project the definitive delivery date of orders. Consider, for example, a ship that is delayed or a foreign immigration office that holds up the process. When changes in delivery time are entered into the order/invoice administration
and TreasurUp will automatically adjust the underlying currency transactions. This feature can also be used for changes in order prices.