Working at TreasurUp

TreasurUp is on a mission - to reinvent online treasury. Do you want to take on this responsibility with us? Don't hesitate to reach out!

The TreasurUp DNA

These are the values that we adhere to as a team:

Professionalize through simplicity

Treasury doesn’t have to be complicated. We believe that easy to use but powerful features are key to professionalizing treasury departments of small, medium and sometimes even large-sized corporates. Our ambition is to help banks professionalizing their corporate clients. This usually starts with stripping down to the core: how can we simplify things in order to have more people understanding it?

Making treasury fun

Treasury is not always the most sexy subject and treasury or finance departmens are sometimes undervalued within a company. It doesn't have to be that way. Sound treasury processes are vital to a company's ability to be successful. A treasury platform should be able to make a treasurer or CFO smile. Within TreasurUp it is important to have fun. We enjoy the cooperation with our banking partners and also with them we have a lot of fun next to all the serious meetings. If you have fun in what you do, you outperform.

You can trust us

Everything that we do is based on trust. This doesn't mean we don't work with contracts. But we will do everything to show you that you can trust our people, our platform and our procedures.

Deliver ‘wow’ through service

It's not only the platform that should create the wow factor for corporate treasurers, controllers and CFOs. Once banks decide to cooperate with us, they will notice they can call us at anytime about any subject. We like to surprise positively with great solutions, unexpected viewpoints and superior support. If the customer is happy we are happy.

We don't see borders

We work anywhere, anytime, globally. We also do not believe in silos within banks. Our world is one without borders.

A day at TreasurUp

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Implementation Manager


We are currently looking for an Implementation Manager.

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