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Payments & liquidity management

In many cases, an FX trade goes together with an FX payment. That is why TreasurUp is now moving into this area.


In many cases, an FX trade is accompanied by an FX payment. TreasurUp can import payment batches from any bookkeeping platform or Excel sheet and distinguish between base/home/functional currencies and foreign currencies. TreasurUp initiates these payments automatically and connects via Open Banking Standards (PSD2) with the cash management platform.

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Liquidity management

TreasurUp works with Open Banking standards (PSD2). This allows TreasurUp to retrieve bank account data from different banks, conditional to user consent. 

This provides corporates with insights into their liquidity positions across all of their banks. It can also trigger cash transfers from one bank to the other in order to apply the company’s liquidity management procedures. TreasurUp offers easy-to-use insights into liquidity developments over time and the underlying transactions.